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Arsenal boss thanks fans for 'Only one Arsene Wenger' chant


Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has thanked the fans for their support during the 4-1 home win against Newcastle United on Saturday night.

The fans showed their love towards the boss as they sang “There’s only one Arsene Wenger” during the latter stages of the game against Magpies. Olivier Giroud and Santi Cazorla scored two goals to propel Arsenal to a win, which moved the Gunners to just 2 points behind a top four place.

The French manager said that he was grateful for the chant, but reiterated his belief that it is only the minority of fans who have maligned him in the past few weeks.

Speaking to Arsenal’s official website, he said:

I’m grateful for that and I enjoy it but the most important thing is the way we play football and I think [what] is most important is that our fans go home happy because we have played well and won.
My job is to win football games and make people happy. What happened last week, I said on television, I [have] worked for 18 years in this country and I’m grateful for that.
I’ve been accepted 99.9 per cent with a big respect. I can take the 0.01 per cent and live with it. My job is to make people happy – if they are not happy, I have to live with it.

It has been a tough few months for Wenger who has been facing some constant criticism from fans and critics alike. The Gunners have seen their worst start in 30 years and the fingers are obviously pointed to the manager. We are already 13 points behind the leaders and we aren’t even half way through the season, but is it right to blame the manager alone?

Many feel that the lack of transfer activity to be the reason behind this poor start, but a look at the signings Wenger made in the summer show that we didn’t do such a bad job. Sanchez has been nothing short of a smash hit for the club and Danny Welbeck has been good, while Chambers looks like a future star. However he failed to add adequately at the back which has somewhat added to the bad start.

We started the season with a strong squad which, but it all started to fade away as injuries started to arrive and the Gunners showed their lack of depth leading to some very poor results.

However the players are now slowly returning and we are showing some sort of improvement, so now it’s up to Wenger to bridge these holes in January. He will always be loved at Arsenal, but things have to change and that should start from January.

Will Wenger spend in January?

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