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Mesut Ozil heads to London to join Arsenal training


Due to the signings that Arsenal have made this season, most of the focus has been on them and not so much on the players that are already part of the squad.

But, one player who can never seem to escape the spotlight is the German Mesut Ozil who has decided to cut his holiday short and join the Arsenal squad.

After the German team exited the World Cup at the group stage, Ozil was heavily criticized but to be honest, most of it was unfair. So, the player went on a holiday possibly to clear his mind and just get away from all the distractions.

The German will now be looking forward to starting his preseason preparations with the Gunners. It is important for the fortunes of the club that Ozil plays well as he remains a very influential figure. The way in which he is going to be used by new manager Unai Emery is not clear at the moment but he did have a few things to say about his plans for the German.

“We are here to help every player,’ Emery said when asked how he will ‘fix’ Ozil’s form.

“For me it’s the same for one player as it is for 25 players. To help them. For us Mesut is a very important player.

“I want to work with him with a new way and with an ambition to continue with this quality and help with this quality, getting better with the team.

“I think last year was a difficult year for all, not only for Mesut. I think it is for the team. They finished sixth in the Premier League – not the position we want.”

And now given the fact that Ozil will be joining the squad, Emery has the chance to put his ideas into action. Fans will be hoping that he is able to get the best out of Ozil as that will certainly have an impact of how the Gunners perform.

A big reason for the German cutting his holiday short is the fact that his teammates have told him how good the new training methods by Emery are. The way the players have responded has been very positive and that has clearly made an impression on Ozil as well.

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