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What is happening at Arsenal? Does anyone know? Does anyone care?

Arsene Wenger

I’ve been a Gooner nearly 40 years, yet I’m questioning my sanity at the moment. I’m losing interest in the club and what it’s become, all the shenanigans I am witnessing every week hurts. It’s painful to see and read about and I’m fed up of outsiders criticising my club.

From the off, I blamed Wenger, but is it all his fault? He bought the players we have at the moment, but we have to understand a modern day footballer’s mentality is different to how it used to be.

They, the players, expect £200,0000 for what equates to a 30 hour week, some people struggle to earn that in 10 years and ticket prices are rising so their wages can be paid.

Sponsorships go to the highest bidder, there’s no ethics in the choices anymore, but the alarming thing at the Emirates is season ticket holders are staying away. Who can blame them? Why give away hard earned money just to feel cheated?

Arsenal have a majority shareholder/owner whose one goal in life, excuse the pun, is to make money. Results and unity within the club are secondary.

He doesn’t care if we lose at home to Watford or win in style, he just cares about making money. He’s a businessman so who can blame him? But we, the supporters want the Arsenal of old back, we don’t care about making money.

On the other foot, excuse another pun, Arsenal have a billionaire shareholder who just wants to see the club be successful, on and off the pitch. He wants to see the team achieve, to compete with the Citys’ and United’s’ of this world.

Yet he is dismissed by the board, shunned almost and not just when he lets his views be known, but continually. He ”appears” to be enthusiastic and he comes across as someone who genuinely loves our club. He wouldn’t shy away from making big changes from the top down.

Maybe he is our man? All I know is things can’t continue as they are. Arsenal are on the verge of losing Wilshere and Ramsey when their contracts expire. They are the players who, once upon a time, this club was built around.

It hurts to see my club suffer like it is, but if that’s how it’s meant to be before we turn it around, then so be it. Changes have to be made, not mid-summer, not when Wenger’s contract ends, but now.

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