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It’s Over: Arsenal’s title ambitions in tatters after Southampton draw


It’s December and once again Arsenal fans are witnessing a capitulation which is as predictable as it is embarrassing. The North London club’s season fell apart in just a handful of games which saw City and United triumph and Southampton twist the knife with a dismal draw.

The same old story, as Arsenal fell apart defensively with the same deficiencies and shortcomings that they’ve had for six or seven seasons. The Manager may cite bad luck, the oppositions style or time wasting but the fact is he needs to clear out the back line and start again.

Inept and incapable are two ways to describe the nervy, disorganised defence and Wenger knows it’s a problem that he has been reluctant to solve for too long.

If the defence has a reasonable few weeks, then the boss assumes all is well again but as any fan or pundit will tell you, this defence can nullify its own attacking potential by prescribing to clumsy marking, poor positional awareness and irritating inconsistencies.

Scrap the lot for god’s sake! They simply aren’t good enough, especially when you look at our failings against the top teams in the premiership. Nothing is going to change unless the club spends wisely to stop the rot. Wenger has always been great at finding talent for the midfield and attacking areas but he is clueless at the back.

Fans were aware of the problems we had between the sticks but Wenger kept saying that he had World class shot stoppers but no one else could see them.

It was a constant problem which refused to go away until Petr Čech’s arrival, but the truth is that the former Chelsea keeper had a much better defence around him which made him look better and is two seasons past his best.

Wenger needs to finally spend big on a defensive midfielder such as William Carvalho. What does it take for the Manager to realise that the squad he has isn’t going to win the league. Every fan who trudges to the Emirates without rose coloured spectacles has seen that the defence is broken beyond repair.

If only Wenger could ask George Graham to find him a back five, then we’d win the league every year. Graham had the opposite problem, he preferred grafters to flair but at the moment even that looks an attractive alternative to this pap.

December never lets us down, it delivers a present no one wants, the sudden realisation that Arsenal can not and will not compete for the League with this crop of players. Sanchez wants out but on current form that’s no loss. Ozil remains in limbo but on this evidence, he would be wise to scarper and Lacazette must be irritated that he was hypnotised by a passing wizard into signing a long-term contract.

Wenger has another season, this ones already over! I hope we don’t win any of the pointless cups on offer because that encourages Arsenal to keep everything the same. The Emperor hadn’t got any clothes on and we all know it. Stop trying to kid us otherwise.

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